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Exhibition dates: January 16 – February 26, 2021


A three person exhibition, featuring paintings, prints,
and installation works by Sara Baker Michalak,
Bill Santelli, and Mizin Shin. Each artist's work relates
to the idea of micro and macro relationships and
connections—either worldly, astral, or metaphysical.

Artwork copyright retained by artists.


“My work addresses interdependency throughout
societal systems. Visualizing and remixing economic
and transportation data, I depict connections to expose these systems as networks interdependent on a large
and continually increasing number of other social entities. By highlighting the density of webbed intrinsic connections within and between multiple networks, the work presents all items of our systems as significant—from the individual elements to the larger constructs. Often surrounded by the work, viewers become a focal point in the network model, drawing awareness to their own position and significance
in these systems.” — Mizin Shin



Born in South Korea, Mizin Shin graduated from Hong-ik

University with a BFA in Printmaking and received her MFA from SUNY at Buffalo. She is currently a Visiting Assistant

Professor at the University of Rochester, a co-founder of

Mirabo Press, and Vice President of the Print Club of Rochester.

“My current works reflect the beauty and ephemerality of the natural world: the tangible and firm (physical properties) that clearly define nature, and the fluid forces (meta) that operate within it. The work conveys my sense of origin, growth, decline and return— landscapes of place and time. Mindful observation of and deep engagement with the world in which

we live blurs the boundaries between it and ourselves, between the natural properties of place, our perceptions of it and of ourselves. We become, essentially, landscapes of our experience.


I combine media to make new imagery, then alter my surfaces with subtractive techniques.  I’m guided by impressions of land/water/atmosphere and their processes of change. Color, texture, form and edge express, with layered imageries ranging from transparent to opaque, our experiences of dark-light, unfirm-firm, randomness-order, chaos-cosmos. The observed and measured world gains depth, nuance and meaning in its change, movement and mystery. Ours is the real ethereal world.”

— Sara Baker Michalak



Sara Baker Michalak has a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of American Crafts and MA, Interdisciplinary Studies (Humanities/Geoscience) from SUNY Fredonia, NY. She has exhibited her mixed media artworks widely, including at the American Craft Museum in New York;

the Burchfield Penny and Albright Knox galleries in Buffalo; International
Small Art Show in Atlanta, Georgia; and Cleveland Museum of Art.
Baker Michalak works in her studio on the banks of the Canadaway Creek,

a Lake Erie tributary in western New York.

“I began these drawings thinking about the concept of mindstream in Buddhist philosophy, which is described as
'the stream of mind', the moment-to-moment flow of sense impressions and mental phenomena.


As with all my work, the drawings are an introspective process – I find myself reflecting on the inner journey, about letting go of old forms and opening to new ones, of balancing the path inward with the pathway outward. The choreography of shapes and colors creates a motion across the paper, a fluid yet gently turbulent “mindstream” that arises and passes away in each moment.” — Bill Santelli



Bill Santelli’s work has been widely exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States, including M.A.D.S Contemporary. Milan, IT; Oxford Gallery, and the Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY; Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL; Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ; Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, PA; Redline Arts Center, Denver, CO; University of Hawaii, Hilo, HI; and Purdue University Galleries, Lafayette, IN. In addition, his work is in the collections of Simon School of Business, UR, Rochester, NY; Maxtor Corporation, Denver, CO; MedImmune, Inc., Gaithersburg, VA; Hale and Dorr, Boston, MA; and Information Technology Association of America, Arlington, VA. Bill is the recipient of awards and honors including the Distinguished Alumni Award (2004), FLCC, Canandaigua, NY; and two residency fellowships to the Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT.

Walkthrough and artists talk

On Saturday, January 16, 2021, executive director Bradley Butler will give a walkthrough of the exhibition and talk with each of the artists in the exhibition. View the walkthrough live on Facebook at 5 p.m. EST, or watch the recording on the gallery's YouTube channel.


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