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Field Trip Visions

Exhibition dates: April 1 – May 9, 2020


Field Trip Visions is an exhibition on our second floor by
four artist/educators, Zanne Brunner, Judy Gohringer,
Courtney Gruttadauria and Nancy Valle.

Artwork copyright is retained by each artist.


About the exhibition


The artists included in this exhibition have embarked on a creative journey together to share their favorite landscapes both familiar and new. Their individual responses are informed by direct observation to the various "field trip" sites as well as subjective interpretations of the sites.


Zanne Brunner


"My paintings are structured and interconnected with elements of a developed saturated color palette, flowing stylized lines and rich organic forms found on our Field Trips.


My process is as follows: I first select images from our most recent Field Trip that appeal to me for a second time. Then I crop, enlarge, print & collage creating a strong design. From there, I transfer design to canvas or panel and cover pencil lines with a fluid painted line followed by blocking in color and discarding the photo reference. Then a dialog begins:  What to change, distort, eliminate, combine; color choices are influenced by shape, mood, season, light and
50 years of painting experience."


Judith Stewart Gohringer


"Hiking with friends over a period of seven months has shown us three seasons; we started in July and ended in February. Hiking in the natural landscape through the seasons in upstate western New York means being ready for all kinds of weather. Using photographs and the inspiration of our chosen hikes has resulted in a range of work.


As my painting continues to evolve I alternate between a purely non-objective style
and a stylized representational style. Most often I paint with acrylics on a wood substrate. Oil stick and colored pencil pigments are often used. Color is dominate in my work with strong shapes and lines. Often the textures are as strong as the color.


Influencers for me have been abstract expressionism, Outsider art and the art of the 20th century. My love of history and art history has led to the interest in the art of indigenous peoples. Additionally, children's art has been part of my life as I am a retired art teacher.


Thank you for sharing a bit of my visual journey."

Courtney Gruttadauria


"When making art I try to exhaust the endless possibilities of both procedure and process. An initial goal is to ascertain what the physical characteristics of the material I am employing include, and what importance that lends to visual communication in a piece. What makes my work meaningful is it relates to an audience and displays a visual diary of my conscious and subconscious spirit. A signature style that manifests through the discipline of making art explores intuition and sensibilities.


Painting, drawing and mixed media art are my current areas of focus. Overall I combine my skills and spirit with a variety of medium in order to infuse material for the strong foundation of my artwork."


Nancy Valle


"Since beginning in sculpture with clay, a broad theme has been central to my work: the relationship between the physical cycles of the natural world and our place within it. My work is informed by observations, memories and ideas about who we are as individuals and how we define ourselves within nature, community, and culture.


My clay forms are hand-built using traditional techniques. The physicality of kneading, rolling, and hand-forming with clay drives the ideas that I want to represent in the ceramic form. Symbolism is an important part of my work and I find that surface marks, textures and colors are a visual language that enable me to communicate through clay. These surface marks and colors are added throughout each step of the building and glazing process, and also serve to integrate the form. The final kiln firing further transforms the clay and “freezes” the concept. Throughout the entire ceramic process, I honor the integrity and natural properties of clay: it’s plasticity, texture, and strength."


Same locations…


As you walk through the exhibition, you’ll notice there are places that appear in each of the artist’s titles.


"Lock 32"

by Courtney Gruttadauria

Photograph of

Lock 32 on the
Erie Canal in
Pittsford, NY
in February 2020

"Melting at Lock 32"
by Judy Gohringer

Different approaches…


As they went on visits to the various sites together, they inevitably ended up making artwork depicting the same scenes. Sometimes the focus is on capturing the essence of the place, other times they are more direct.


"Braddock Bay"
by Judy Gohringer


"Bay Watch
(Braddock Bay)"
by Zanne Brunner

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