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Heavy Metal

Exhibition dates: December 12, 2020 – January 8, 2021


An exhibition honoring the 95th birthday of Robert Ernst Marx. This solo exhibition will include a collection of new and recent paintings with metal leaf along with bronze sculpture. While Robert is no longer with us, his voice lives on through his work and we can all benefit from listening.

Artwork copyright retained by Robert Ernst Marx.


"I have favorite themes. I am troubled by:
The arrogance of power.
The exclusivity of the institutions of church and state.
The abuse of and by both spouse and child, and our own
and others’ personal fears and insecurities.
We are also to some degree trapped by the conventions
we have chosen to impose upon ourselves.

While painful to express, these themes desperately need expression, and I have done it by creating my own visual language while building upon the inventions of my artistic ancestors. For example, Picasso was the first to paint a dismembered human body to convey a sense of futility.
I also use symbols: mannequins, masks, and dangling
limbs on puppet strings, as my visual 'shorthand' for the controlling forces which frustrate us all.


I work not only for myself, but also to make a connection with you. I do so as elegantly as I can and with an ambiguity that invites you to join your interpretation with my own.


If I am successful, my people will now make eye contact with you, and our dialogue will begin."


—Robert Ernst Marx

Exhibition Walkthrough

On December 12, 2020, executive director and curator of Main Street Arts, Bradley Butler will hold a virtual walkthrough of the Heavy Metal exhibition.  The virtual walkthrough will take place live on Facebook at 5:30 p.m. EST and be immediately shared to the  the gallery's YouTube channel.



View additional images from the exhibition
on the gallery's Flickr page.


Robert's Exhibition

History at Main Street Arts


Robert has shown work in several exhibitions at Main Street Arts starting in 2014.


2014, Being Human
2017, Re-emerging Artists
2019, Silent Voices…Silent Rooms
2020, Painters Painting Painters
2020, Heavy Metal

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