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Painters Painting Painters

An exhibition of 22 regional painters painting paintings
of painters, this exhibition take a look at contemporary portraiture in our region with artists from Buffalo,
Rochester, Oswego, and the Finger Lakes.


Exhibition dates: February 22 – March 27, 2020


Artwork copyright is retained by each artist.


The Painters

Bruce Adams

Chad Cleveland

Sam Fratto

Tom Galambos

Chad Grohman

Shawnee Hill

Thanasi Hristodoulou

Candace Keegan Masters

Robert Marx

Geena Massaro

Lacey McKinney


Sarah Morgan

Brian O'Neill

Juan Perdiguero

Fritz Proctor

Nancy Wiley

Luvon Sheppard

Jean Stephens

Chuck Tingley

John VanHouten

Cliff Wun

Suzi Zefting-Kuhn

The Exhibition


Each of the invited artists were randomly assigned one of the other artists included in the exhibition and were tasked to make a painting of that artist. The painters were each provided with reference images, samples of their assigned artist’s work, and answers to five questions about that artist and their work.


The resulting exhibition includes portraits and figurative

paintings that range from traditional and representational

to contemporary and abstract.




The Catalog


A full-color 75-page exhibition catalog was produced for the show. It includes a photograph of each painter in the show, a short interview with five questions each painter was asked (which were then sent to the painter who painted them), and each of the paintings included in the exhibition.


The catalog is available for purchase through the online gallery shop.











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From the Director


"The idea for this exhibition started with a painting. One that I saw on Instagram just over a year ago by Chad Cleveland—who is included in this exhibition—that he had started of Honeoye Falls artist, Bill Stephens. Some time last spring, I spoke with Chad and said I was thinking of putting together this show and thanked him for sparking the thought!"

— Bradley Butler, executive director and curator


Read more from "from the director" on the gallery blog.




"Bodhisattva (portrait of Bill)"

by Chad Cleveland


Acrylic on board

24” x 18”


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